Technical parameters

Single row tapered roller bearings

Single row tapered roller bearings have wide range of usage in variety of industry branches, especially in automotive industry, tractors, agricultural machines, finishers, excavators, machine tools and so on. Construction of bearings with high amount of rolling elements in one row allows bearings to have high bearing power in radial and axial direction. Axial load capability is dependant upon value of contact angle. Bearings with high contact angle, for example 331 row are fitted for cushion of bigger axial powers. Imposition with single row tapered roller bearings is created usually by pair of bearings, because single bearings can transfer axial burden only in one way. Bearings are demountable. Inner rings with rolling elements and cage represents one assembly unit. Single row tapered roller bearings, shown in dimensional tables are compliant international dimension plan ISO 355. 
Except basic range, which is shown in tables, many other tapered roller bearings of other types and dimensions are produced, for example with flange in outer ring, e.g. BAR mutually grouped single row tapered roller bearings and for example AXA types of bearings. 


Designations of single-row tapered roller bearings in basic design is shown in dimension tables. Designations of single row tapered roller bearings in inch dimensions conforms to manner, usual for majority of producers of these bearings. By number before fraction bar is represented inner ring of bearing with rolling elements and cage. By number after fraction bar is represented outer ring of bearing, e.g. KLM 48548/10 


Is pressed from steel stripe. In case of additional label J2 is labelled cage construction with reduced oversize over wide head of outer ring. Tapered roller bearings of basic range are assembled only with steel cages.


Single row tapered roller bearings are currently produced in normal grade of precision P0.  For special inflictions, demanding precision, or working with high frequency of turning are produced bearings in higher grade of precision P6X,P5 and P4.


Supplementary designation which is the most often occured by tapered roller bearings of ZVL is explained in this way:


Suffix Description Example of Designation
A Internal desing change for enhanced load carrying capacity 32206 A
B Difference of internal construction, contact angle α= 17 ° 32309 B
J2 New construction with lower overhang of cage 30210 A J2
X Main dimensions changed in order to ISO recommentations 32018 X
P6X Higher tolerance class than normal 30304 A P6X
P5 Higher tolerance class than P6X 30213 A P5
C6 Reduced vibration level 30205 A C6
S0 Stabilization of dimension for working temperature to 150°C 30210 A S0
S1 Stabilization of dimension for working temperature to 200°C 32016 A S1
Q Optimized internal geometry and quality of surfaces 30309 AJ2 Q
R Flanged ourter race 32309BAR J2 Q
AXA Two singe – row bearings assembly (with ring spacer and spring collar) 32010 AXA