Complaints procedure


(§ 273 of the Commercial Code provisions . § 612 of the Civil Code and above )

1 ) General provisions :
Application procedure and the complaint will be subject to the higher-level rules in the laws referred to in the Civil Code no. 40/1964 Coll . and according to Law no. 634/1992 Coll . consumer protection and will apply only to goods which were purchased from ZVL  AUTO spol . s.r.o. and whose claim has been made within the warranty period . The purchased is accompanied by an invoice for the purchase , serving as a warranty certificate , which include identifying information about an item .
2 ) Warranty conditions :
a) The goods are warranted for 24 (in words : twenty-four ) months (except for products with limited guarantee period , see section 2 , paragraph j ) . This period begins on the date of issue of the sale of goods and is extended by the period during which the product is in warranty repair and the length of time of the claim until the day when the consumer is required after a repair take over the goods , even if so that the buyer did not.
b ) The guarantee covers all visible and hidden damage to the goods , which are not compatible with the functionality , utility and aesthetics . For the goods the buyer shall prove the origin of the goods invoice ( delivery note ) . Because of this, the buyer is obliged to read this document during the warranty period retain and store .
c) the buyer is obliged to examine the goods after receipt without delay . Over shall be handing over the goods to the customer carrier . It is also obliged to notify the seller immediately after the inspection of the goods supplied all defects ( damage ) , which found that the training or control can be detected. After finding the difference in the quantity or type of goods specified on the invoice or delivery note , it is necessary to bring about this state of a message to the seller within three working days from the date of delivery (order) .
d ) Buyer shall notify Seller in writing deficiencies found at the vendor. The notice must state the buyer found deficiencies (characteristic , as manifested ) , poss . attach a photo , and must state a claim that as a result of damages applies . Buyer as a result of damage to the goods may apply the following steps : delivery of missing goods , goods repair , replacement of damaged goods , a reasonable discount on the purchase price of the goods , withdrawal (claim of withdrawal is feasible only if none of the above solutions not feasible ) .
e ) Complaints form sends the buyer in writing by mail to the seller or in person at the dealer.
f ) The purchaser shall deliver at its own expense and risk of defective goods to the address of the operation of ZVL al . Ltd. , supplier or other designated address . Merchandise must be in original packaging ( unless it is contained ) in a complete state . All products must present proof of purchase .
g ) the claim is canceled in the following cases :
  • damage to goods in transit. Such damage must be addressed with the shipper for goods at ,
  • violation of the protective seals and labels guarantee if they are the product
  • mechanical damage , improper installation , handling and operation ,
  • use of goods under conditions that do not conform to the parameters set by their environment ,
  • where goods have been damaged the elements ( water, fire , lightning , ... ) , or goods have been damaged by excessive loading, power surges , or use contrary to the conditions set out in the documentation or other corrupt outside influence .
h ) In case of unjustified complaints by the consumer , the seller is entitled to charge the consumer the work required to test the goods at the rate of € 10 excluding VAT .
i ) The company ZVL al . s.r.o. reserves the right to substitute the bad and repairable products for goods of the same parameters .
j ) The goods are normal CLAIMS period of 30 (in words : thirty ) calendar days after receiving respectively . delivery of goods to the seller , unless the seller and the buyer otherwise. ( Civil Code CLAIMS set time limit does not apply in the case of business relationships subject to the Commercial Code ! ) .
ZVL AUTO al . s.r.o.