Terms and conditions


1 General conditions


These terms are set in accordance with Consumer Protection Act and the Electronic Commerce Act , as amended, and the Civil Code ,

These terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations of the parties under the contract of sale between the seller , the company ZVL AUTO . s.r.o. seated at Košická 26 , 081 62 Prešov , ID number: 31670237 VAT number : SK2020522603 (hereinafter referred to as " Seller") and the buyer , which concerns the purchase and sale of goods on the seller´s e-commerce website.

The Parties agree that the buyer by sending an order to the seller confirms his agreement that these terms and conditions and provisions will apply to any purchase agreement through the website of the seller under which the seller delivers the goods presented on the website to the buyer (hereinafter " purchase contract ") and to all relations between the seller and buyer arising from the conclusion of the purchase contract.

 These terms and conditions are an integral part of the purchase contract.


2 Order processing


The purchase contract is binding acceptance of the proposal to conclude a purchase contract by the buyer in one of the following forms:

 • by sending an e - mail message ,

by completing and submitting the form on the seller's website ,

by phone order

 Following receipt of the order confirmation issued by the seller to the buyer, identified as „Order Processing " to accept orders through email or phone.


3 The rights and obligations of the buyer


The buyer is obliged to:

 • take purchased goods ,

pay the seller the agreed purchase price on the agreed time, including the cost of delivery of goods,

not to harm good business name of the seller .

confirm the receipt of the goods delivery note with his signature or the signature of an authorized person ,

 The buyer has the right to get goods in quality, time, quantity and place agreed by the parties in order confirmation.


4 The rights and obligations of the seller


The seller is obliged to:

 • deliver under the order confirmed goods to the buyer at the agreed quantity, price, date, quality and package in a manner appropriate to protect it during transport ,

provide the buyer with the goods in writing instruction in the Slovak language , or abbreviated instructions in the Slovak language , which indicates its use and setup , warranty card , delivery note and invoice . For warranty claims can be accepted among other things invoice marked with the serial number and a delivery note .

ensure that the delivered goods meet the applicable legislation of the Slovak Republic ,


The seller has the right to proper and on time payment tor the purchase from the buyer for the goods.


5 Terms of delivery


Products are sold under exposed images, catalogs, designs, descriptions and letters of the type placed on the seller´s e commerce website.

The seller is obliged to fulfill the buyer's order and deliver the goods to the purchaser within the time limit within 5 working days of delivery of the goods by the supplier or manufacturer of the goods to the seller.

Orders received before 12.00 for the goods on stock are generally shipped on the day of receipt of the order and delivered the following working day by courier

The buyer must take goods at a place specified in the order confirmation the buyer by the seller. If there is a delay in delivery by the seller, the seller reserves right to extend the delivery of goods, even repeatedly, what about the buyer is notified the seller by phone. If the buyer does not take the goods within 14 days from the date when it was available to the buyer, the seller has right to withdraw from the contract and sell the goods to a third party.

Dimensions , weight and other particulars of the goods contained in catalogs, illustrations, descriptions and other writings seller posted on the seller´s e-commerce website may be for illustrative purposes and may be different and depend on the manufacturer - are indicative data. Parameters goods but with the technical data presented in the relevant names and namely comparable product items.

Buyers must check the inviolability of packaging and shipment immediately upon receipt. If the package is mechanically damaged goods, the buyer is obliged to notify the carrier and attendance check the status of goods under wrap. In the event of damage to the goods carrier make an record with the buyer - The claims report. Based on this record, the seller will provide removal of defects of goods, discount or in the case of persistent failures to deliver the goods to the buyer a new product.

 The buyer has right in the case of non-delivery by the seller within 10 working days of the confirmed delivery date to withdraw from the confirmed order. If the buyer has paid in advance for goods, the seller will refund the amount paid without cash transfer to the account of the buyer to a purchaser within 3 working days from receipt of the order cancellation.

Shipping and handling according to the current price list is valid only for delivery in Slovakia, for other countries is determined after mutual agreement with the customer.


6 The purchase price


The buyer must pay the seller the price of the goods agreed in the order confirmation , including the cost of delivery of goods ( hereinafter referred to as "purchase price " ) by way of cash payment at the headquarters of the seller , cash on delivery by courier or bank transfer to the account of the seller.

 The seller reserves the right to change the purchase price in the event of legislative changes or changes in prices from suppliers or manufacturers of goods.

 The buyer must pay the purchase price agreed for the goods within the period specified in the order confirmation, but no later than by taking the goods.


7 Ownership right and transferring responsibility for damage to goods


Buyer will take the goods ownership right after payment of the full purchase price of the goods.

Liability for damage caused to the goods passes to the buyer at the moment he takes the goods from the seller, or when to do so in a timely manner, and at a time when the seller will dispose of the goods and the goods are not buyers .


8 Personal data and protection


Personal data are processed in accordance with the Act. 122/2013 Coll of  the Personal data protection as amended .

The seller does not provide purchaser´s personal information to a third party, in the exception personal information necessary to deliver the goods provided by the carrier, or national authorities for inspection. 

The seller from the purchaser require the following personal information: title, name, address , delivery address, telephone number, e-mail address by a physical person and as a legal person title, name, address, delivery address, telephone number, e-mail address, business name and VAT number /IC DPH.

Your provided personal data are processed for correct order fulfillment.

Seller agrees that it will be the buyer´s personal data handled and treated in accordance with applicable laws, SR.

If the buyer agree to the processing of personal data in the registration e-shop for marketing purposes, in particular, has agreed to receive an e-mail messages to the contact address, telephone and SMS contacting the address or by sending mail to the contact address.

Their agreement may the buyer at any time withdraw it in writing by sending appeals to the processing of personal data, and these we immediately block or eliminated. And from our side provided personal information we will not be used for marketing purposes.


9 Withdrawal from the contract (cancellation order)


The seller has right to withdraw from the confirmed order if the goods are no longer delivered or manufactured or if it has changed significantly the price of the goods from the supplier . Seller shall immediately notify the buyer and if the buyer does not agree to the new price will receive back the purchase price already paid for the goods agreed in the order confirmation.

The buyer has right to withdraw from the confirmed order without giving any reason, at any time before delivery in the form of an email message or phone without any penalty. If the buyer has paid in advance for goods, the seller shall refund the purchase price paid by bank transfer to the account of the buyer to a purchaser within 3 working days from receipt of the order cancellation.

The buyer has right to withdraw from the confirmed order within 14 working days of receipt of goods without any reason in accordance with sec . § 12 . 1 of the Act . 108/2000 Coll, on consumer protection in distance selling, as amended.

When withdrawing from the contract of sale under the preceding paragraph must be respected following:

the buyer sends the seller an e-mail or letter with the following: " I want to unilaterally withdraw from the contract dated (day.month.year) no. (order number ) and request a refund of the amount paid for the goods to account no . (account number) " . You should also include your name, address and date .

Buyer sends the goods in the form of insured mail, or personally deliver the goods to the residence of the seller, and pays shipping cost.

returned goods must be in unopened and original packaging , undamaged , unused , complete (including accessories , warranty card , manual , etc.) and original proof of purchase (invoice). Goods returned without prior approval of the form of the seller does not accept cash on delivery.

When all the above conditions for return , the seller sends the buyer the purchase price paid by bank transfer not later than 15 days after physical receipt of the returned goods . In the event of failure of any of the above conditions, the seller will not be able to accept withdrawal from the contract and return the goods at the buyer's expense back.

Buyer sent the seller confirms that the seller timely and properly fulfilled its reporting obligations under sec. § 10 of the Law on consumer protection in distance selling.


10 Final provisions


Seller reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions. Obligation written notice such changes in general business conditions is met placing on the seller´s e-commerce website.

The Parties agree that the communication between them will be carried out primarily by e - mail, or by phone.

For the relations not mentioned in these terms and conditions shall apply the relevant provisions of the Civil Code , Law no. 22/2004 Coll. Electronic commerce , Act no . 250/2007 Coll, Consumer Protection and Law no. 108/2000 Coll, on consumer protection in distance selling, as amended.

These terms and conditions shall take effect on the buyer when the purchase order is concluded.

Buyer sending an order confirms that these terms and conditions read and fully agrees with them.



These terms and conditions are valid from 1.1.2014